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Integra Connect Announces Adoption of Its EHR Solution for Urology by Two Leading Group Practices

Integra Connect  

Michigan Institute of Urology Selects Integra Connect’s Technology, While The Urology Group Goes Live; Integra Connect Replaces Legacy EHRs to Support Improved Outcomes and Experience

West Palm Beach, FL – Integra Connect, the leading provider of technologies and services for value-based specialty care, today announced that two of the nation’s largest community urology practices are replacing legacy EHRs with Integra Connect’s EHR Solution for Urology: The Urology Group (TUG) and Michigan Institute of Urology (MIU). Together, the groups represent 85 physicians across 34 offices.

TUG, with 39 physicians across 12 offices in three states, recently went live with Integra Connect’s urology EHR solution.  “TUG has long seen the need for a new wave of innovation among urology EHRs to better equip practices like ours for the changes in our specialty in general and with the shift to value-based care in particular,” said Gary Kirsh, MD, and President of TUG. “Integra Connect has brought to market a uniquely powerful EHR that stands out for its urologist-driven capabilities and design. Our practice is fully live on the solution and excited to continue integrating it into our daily workflows for the benefit of our patients and providers.”

MIU, with 46 physicians, selected Integra Connect’s EHR Solution for Urology and is implementing it across its 22 locations.

“We are implementing Integra Connect’s EHR solution to enable best practice value-based care in a real-time environment, since EHRs are increasingly critical to the insights that support better care at both a practice and patient level,” said Mitchell Hollander, MD, and CEO of MIU. “The solution stood out because its workflows are care pathways- and guideline-based; it allows us to choose our own MIPS quality measures; and it provides a more holistic view of our patients’ health and well-being from a single screen, enabling our physicians to spend time with their patients more productively.”

Urology EHR Offers New Capabilities for Community Practices

Integra Connect’s EHR Solution for Urology was created to enable community urology practices to optimize care quality, cost and patient experience while also facilitating value-based reporting. Core capabilities include:

  • A Clinical Hub providing visibility into a patient’s entire clinical record, so providers can complete documentation for charting, ordering and notes, as well as view labs and trends – all from a single screen.
  • Built-in care pathway design and compliance
  • Integration of clinical decision support tools directly into the point of care. For example, users can produce pop-up graphs in real time that visually represent how AUA Symptom Scores are impacted by specific treatments.
  • An architecture built for data sharing and interoperability, while also capturing clinical data in structured formats – all to facilitate easy access for analysis and value-based program reporting.

“TUG and MIU are at the forefront of high-quality urology care and we are very pleased to partner with them on an EHR solution to support their successful transition into a value-based world,” said Charles Saunders, MD, CEO of Integra Connect. “We are committed to bringing urologist-led innovation back to the critical technologies upon which practices will depend as MIPS and a new generation of alternative payment models increase accountability for the quality and cost of patient care.”

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